Windows Home Server – The obvious small business choice

Most small businesses have a basic need to protect their data, regularly backup their critical business information and share documents between several or more users.

Servers and server software can be a big expense that is just beyond many small businesses, let alone the setting up cost and ongoing server support – but there is a cheap cost effective solution for home office and small business users!

Welcome to the HP ProLiant MicroServer and Windows Home Server 2011 – don’t be fooled by the name, it’s for businesses as well.N40L whs2011

The HP Microserver can be purchased with prices from £200 and Windows Home Server ( WHS 2011 ) for as little as £49.00. Add 8GB of extra memory and 2 x 2TB drives for a total of about £200 and you have a micro RAID server with operating system for under £500, which is staggering!

I have recently just bought one on special offer with the Christmas £100 cashback HP offer and added 4GB of memory and 4x1TB drives that I had on the shelf in 2 RAID arrays ( so I actually have 2TB of usable space as the drives are mirrored for redundancy ).

I have been running the micro server in my home office for about a month serving a combination of desktops and laptops for backups and document sharing. I also have a couple of Jogglers ( my wife hates them so I have to use one in my office through a micro stereo and another in the garage with a small set of usb powered speakers! ) with Squeezebox Server ( Logitech Media Server as it is now ) and Plex Server for my film collection ( also housed on the HP Microserver ) with my Samsung TV and the Plex app.

It backs up all my desktops and laptops, serves all my music and films, shares everything I need and hasn’t missed a beat since installation day.

Yes it does make the ideal home server, but with the inbuilt RAID features, 4 drive bays and small footprint, it would be equally at home in a small office or home office serving up to 10 users for a cost effective business solution.



Home Hardware Windows Home Server – The obvious small business choice