We currently have a number of new and second hand gaming and business computers for sale.
If you would like to discuss purchasing or upgrade options please contact us on 01380 829621
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New Computers For Sale

HP N54L Microserver
8GB ECC RAM, Dual Core CPU, no HD

AMD Turion™ II Neo N54L (2.2GHz)


Embedded AMD SATA controller with RAID 0, 1

4 Internal HDD Support

Mini ITX Business PC
8GB RAM, Quad Core CPU, 240GB SSD, 1TB HD

AMD Athlon 5350 Quad Core

MSI AMDI Motherboard

Kingston 240GB SSD



Mini ITX Media Centre PC
8GB RAM, Dual Core CPU, 160GB HD


AMD Motherboard

8GB DDR3 Ram

160GB Scorpio Black HD

Custom Built Gaming PCs
Typical Spec is as follows:

Motherboard: MSI Z97 Gaming Motherboard
Processor: Intel i5-4690 quad core
Memory: 16GB Hyperx 1866 Gaming Memory
Hard Drive 1: 240GB SSD
Hard Drive 2: 1TB 7200rpm 64MB
Graphics: MSI GTX 960 Gaming 4GB GDDR5
Case: Cooler Master Elite

We have been building computers for over 15 years and are able to offer a competitive service for business and home PCs.
We can advise you on the specification and offer a vast selection of hardware options with the operating system of your choice.

Call for a quote - 01380 829621