" Virus or spyware infection are two of the most common causes of a slow running computer "
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Virus or Spyware Removal

The huge increase in the last five years of computer viruses and hacking has made up to date virus protection, spyware scanners and firewalls more important than ever. We can install and setup both anti-virus  and spyware software to enable you maximum protection against viruses and hackers and check and configure your firewall for piece of mind. We can install and configure 3rd party firewall software for extra protection such as Zone Alarm.


For cost efficiency and ease of use, we recommend Microsoft’s Security Essentials for standard anti-virus software and Malwarebytes for your Spyware scanner. These are both free products with a paid option for the Spyware Scanner.

Two other good spyware scanners are Spybot  and Adaware which come as free versions with paid option upgrades as well.

Make sure you configure your antivirus and spyware software to run at regular intervals for maximum protection.

In the event that your computer is compromised with a virus or spyware that you can not remove easily, we can visit you and remove the rogue software at your home or business premises.




Whatever your flavour of internet browser we can get you up and running swiftly and cheaply. We have experience of the majority of major browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari etc. We can load the latest version for you and configure your browser as per your requirements.

If you so desire we can create a new email account or accounts for you, your business or even your whole family.
We can setup, configure and support Oulook Express on older versions of Windows ( Windows XP ), Outlook ( generally for business use ) on all versions of Windows, Thunderbird ( the free email client for all versions of Windows ), Mac Mail and most other email clients.

Want a web based email account that you can access from anywhere in the world? We can set you up with a Hotmail or other free web based mail account or supply you with one ourselves.