" Regular maintenance can keep your computer running smoothly and save you a fortune! "
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PC and Desktop repairs

It is very common for many desktop computers to be used daily without ever being serviced or having any preventative maintenance carried out on them. The parents use them and the kids use them almost every day when they get home from school or for theor homework.

The dust, dirt and animal hair that most of us have in our homes gets sucked into the computer fans and other moving components and will ultimately cause a hardware failure of some description.

The most common hardware failures or causes of computer breakdowns are:

1. Dust, dirt and animal hair in the processor fan and heat sink:
This is like the brain of your computer and once blocked will cause the computer to overheat, shutdown or even fail completely. This can be catastrophic and cause the motherboard to fail, the processor to fail and cost hundreds of pounds to repair ( possibly even resulting in having to purchase a new computer ).

2. Dust, dirt and animal hair in the main power supply unit:
This is like the heart of your computer and it powers everything within your desktop. The first sign of trouble is often a whining noise coming from the power supply fan where dust and dirt has got into the bearing and will eventually cause the fan to fail and the power supply to overheat.

3. Hard drive failure:
The hard drive is where your operating system is loaded and holds all of your data. It has all your music, pictures and documents on and should be regularly backed up to make sure you never lose any data.

The reality is that we all ask a lot from modern desktop computers and a little bit of simple maintenance a couple of times a year can keep the computer running smoothly and will help avoid some of the possible problems.

We can carry out the majority of desktop repairs onsite as we normally carry a basic stock of common components, but can bring the computer back to our workshop for repair if necessary.