Backup, backup and backup some more……

Have you ever woken in a cold sweat from your sleep with that nightmare where you have lost all of your business data because of a computer disaster?

No?? Well I guess you must have a great backup procedure in place, coupled with off-site backups, and a disaster recovery program in the event that a meteor lands on your premises and wipes your office out!

On a slightly more serious note, I have just visited a new client that had a backup routine running that was setup and installed by another company, and when they needed it most after a hardware failure…… turned out not to have been working for the last 3 months!!!

Backups are a critical core element of any business computer system, whether you have a small home office with one desktop and one laptop computer or a large office with 50 users and 2 servers.

It’s not just setting up a backup routine to protect your data, it’s making sure that your backups are working and you can recover yourself in the event of a failure.

Restoring the backup for testing purposes and making sure your data is intact is a core element for any business backup plan.

Cloud backups are a good source of offsite backup where your data can be held on a secure server in a remote location in the event of fire, flood or other act of god! Cheap, unlimited broadband now makes this solution viable for many home business and small business users with costs from as little as £50 per year to protect your data.


Home Hardware Backup, backup and backup some more……