Backup, backup and backup some more……

Have you ever woken in a cold sweat from your sleep with that nightmare where you have lost all of your business data because of a computer disaster? No?? Well I guess you must have a great backup procedure in place, coupled with off-site backups, and a disaster recovery program in the event that a


Network attached storage – NAS devices

File sharing in a modern business is something no that no-one gives a second thought to, but what if you are a home office user or small business user and you want to share files between a combination of laptops and desktops in the most cost effective way? The simple solution would be to share


Windows Home Server – The obvious small business choice

Most small businesses have a basic need to protect their data, regularly backup their critical business information and share documents between several or more users. Servers and server software can be a big expense that is just beyond many small businesses, let alone the setting up cost and ongoing server support – but there is

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